Monday, September 9, 2013

Divine Destroyer

*Author's note:  What you are about to read could be considered explicit in nature.  My hope is that it stirs several emotions within you.  I will put this to music at some point, but for now I want to share it with the world.  For more information on the Hindu goddess Kali you may find some here.*

Before light, there was darkness.  NASA estimates that 70% of the Universe is made of dark energy.  25% is dark matter which leaves only 5% of the Universe in the visible spectrum.  With so much darkness surrounding us, it is no surprise that our minds are cast in shadow.

Kali Ma_________ you bless us with life.
From your womb, we enter into light.
Show us your mercy, bless us with your kindness.
Oh Black Mother, show us the way.

Always leading, never demanding.  Most compassionate Mother to us al.
You feed us from your breast, hold us in your arms.  You pick us up when we fall.

But that is not the side of you that we choose to see.
When our life is shit, we blame it all on you.

Kali_________ destroy the world.
Break down these walls that keep me in misery.
Devastate these perceptions that I hold so dear.
Tear apart these chains that keep me from being free!

Even the idea of freedom is so absurd, especially in the U.S. of fucking A.  Where children are born warm, pink, sucking on their mamma’s tities and without a god damn care in the world.  So comfortable we have to make up our own illnesses to feel miserable.  I mean, obesity?!  What kind of illness is that?  Get up off your fat ass and eat a vegetable!  ADHD?  Perhaps if you took your kid outside and showed him something in the natural world instead of sitting him down in front of the Wiggles to get him out of your hair he might not throw your fucking cufflinks down the toilet.  Then again…. I would.

Kali_________ destroy the world.
Break down these walls that keep me in misery.
Devastate these perceptions that I hold so dear.
Tear apart these chains that keep me from being free.

Who the hell do you think you are judging me?  Why do you give a flying fuck that I like to walk around the giant cancerous mass of consumerism that is Costco wearing a wrap around skirt?  So what if I like eyeliner because it makes my eyes pop?  I may not be straight but I’m not gay either.  I don’t need to slap a label on my chest so you know what to think.  If you don’t want to get to know who I am beneath this exterior, I’m ok with that.  I’ll just put a label on that says, “Hello, My name is Pipe the Fuck Down!”

Kali_________ destroy the world.
Break down these walls that keep us in misery.
Devastate these perceptions that we hold so dear.
Tear apart these chains that keep us from being free.

You have a brain, so use it.  Think for yourself.  It’s ok to be afraid.  Sorrow can be glorious.  I cannot see what lies ahead for you or me, but if life has taught me anything thus far, I know it will be amazing.  Nothing ever happens the way we anticipate.  We need to let go of our expectations.  Let go of the ropes with which we bind ourselves so tightly.  Let go of these perceptions to which we cling to so blindly.  Let go of anger, hate, betrayal.  The lies, the judgement, the ignorance, the pain.  The burden we carry from the abuse and neglect we have suffered.  It is time to let it all go.  Let go of all this and we will find ourselves empty.  An empty vessel ready to be filled.

Kali Ma________ destroy our pain.
Release us from our suffering.
Empty our cup, then fill it up.
We are no longer afraid.

A wise being talked about the seeds that are sown within us.  We have the ability to water the seeds of others.  Do you choose to water the seeds of anger and hatred or do you water those of love and compassion?

Kali Ma________ destroy the world.
It is time for new life and rebirth.
Out of the darkness dawns a new day.

Kali Ma, show us the way.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Still Pond

When we enter into this world
We see it as images in a still pond
Clear and pristine yet with no clue as to
  What these images represent.

As we investigate, we cause ripples in the water
At times, making the water so dirty with muck
And the images so distorted that we
  forget what they are.

When we sit, the water calms
The reflection becomes still and clear again
We once again see things as they are.

As we awaken fully, we come to realize
That the images in the pond are only images.
We awaken to the world around and within us
  which includes and goes beyond the pond.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Inner Conversation

On May 27th, 2006 I had a conversation with my inner self.  At the time, I called it God.  Also known as the superego, I told myself some amazing things that started my life on another track.  Maybe not another track, but a solidification of what I had been contemplating for months previous.  The following is what I wrote based on what I remember.

How you found me is irrelevant, all that matters is that you were searching.  Now that this door has been opened you can never close it.  You must never close it.  You may walk through that door anytime and be with me in the most amazing way, but know you leave this life behind.

I am always with you and have always been.  My light shines brightly through this door and envelops every aspect of your lift.  Let my light shine through you and pass to others.

What you do with your life is completely up to you.  This universe is yours to do with as you please.  There are so many great things you can add to this universe and you may do with it whatever you want.

What you have done in the past matters not.  If there are things in your life or universe that you want to change, then change them.  You have the power.  Your life is yours and belongs to no one else.

If you love me then love yourself.  I am in you and everything around you.  I love you no matter what you do or who you are.  Always remember that.  You are precious to me and essential to your universe.  Without you, your universe wouldn't exist.

Everything that came into being came from me.  In this way you are connected to everything that exists.

You are the brother of Jesus and the Buddha.  You are brother to Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi   You are also the brother of Hitler and Stalin.  That does not mean you will be like any of them but that you are related to them in the same way you are related to the person sitting next to you and every being on the planet.  Treat them as your siblings.  Even if you do not like someone, love him.

You are completely unique and have your own life to live.  Be you  and be the best You that you can be.  Live life to the best of your ability and enjoy this universe that you have been given.

You will walk through that door when you are ready to walk through it.  Do your best to leave the world behind better than when you entered.

If you are ever lost, follow the light.  It will not lead you astray.

I love you and everything you are.

There are as many ways to find this voice as there are being in the Universe.  You will find your voice if you haven't already.  When you do, I sincerely hope it opens your eyes as much as it has opened mine.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Into the Frying Pan

Life is dark in the cupboard with these pots and pans
Teflon in my belly and rubber on my handle
Waiting for breakfast or supper till someone can use me.
Finally a light comes in from the door,
This is the moment I've been waiting for.
Won't you cook something that needs a flat bottom, please.

That hand reaches in, grabs me by the handle
Puts me on the stove hotter than a candle
Adds a little oil with a squeeze.

What are you frying up this time, I wonder?
Eggs with pieces of shell from that blunder
Pancakes would definitely be alright with me
Perhaps some bacon, ooh I love the sizzle
Or even potatoes, listen to 'em fizzle
As the grease slides over my non-stick surface with glee.

Alright stop; what's this you got me doin'?
I've never seen whatever it is you got brewin'
White and squishy, smells like nothing I've seen
Looks like a sponge and feels like one too.
Probably will taste like the tongue of a shoe
Is this really what you think is real keen?

I don't know what kind of eating you're after
This kind of thing fills me with laughter
I guess you're trying to make your diet lean.

Tofu ain't the kind of thing to eat
Especially when your body craves meat.
No matter if you fry, bake or steam
I prefer the real food you make
Not something fashioned like a cake
I will make sure bacon haunts your dreams.

Throw in some veggies, add a little Mirin
Look at the way you've got these things stirin'
That soy sauce you got is loaded with MSG
I see you've got some rice to throw the stuff over
So what if its low in cholesterol and fat free.

There's no way in hell that stuff will make you happy
Nor will that tofurkey make you nappy
You need real food in your life, can't you see?

Don't you think that life is all about what you enjoy?
A lot of that comes from eating food that's not made of soy.
Greasy food may not be as healthy
But they sure make your life feel wealthy.
So quit buying carrots and Bok Choy.

What what tastes good and sizzles like it should.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


I wrote this several months ago when I couldn't sleep because I was thinking about someone that doesn't exist as of yet.

The light you bring unto this world is brighter than any star.
No matter what this life might hold, remember just who you are:
A child born from the purest love, a gift unto our lives.
Through darkness and heartache, that love still survives.
Tonight we lay you down to sleep, cradled in our arms.
We hold you tight and kiss good night the luckiest of our charms.

Dreams play upon the beautiful scape of your ever expanding mind.
May they always be sweet as a chocolate treat and may you seek whatever you find.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Light of the Moon

The moon with her daughters around
Offer us portals to other worlds,
If we would but grasp them.

We spend our lives reaching
For those lights in the sky,
But we are not nearly tall enough
So we colapse along the banks of the river.

As the water flows past
The moonlight shimmers off its glossy surface.

To be open like the river
And accept the light of the moon
We would realize we already contain her light.

Monday, June 27, 2011

One evening on the Great Salt Lake

My partner and I had ourselves an excursion unto the GSL.
A captain was searching for crew to his ship so on board we did set sail.

We came upon the starting line patiently waiting our start.
The flag was raised, away we went racing with all of our heart.

The skipper would yell, "Pull the goddamn halliards!" and I'd pull with all of my might.
I just prayed the red rope I had been pulling was indeed right.

The first mate and I had control of the jib, my partner running the main.
Despite the bumbled mass of confusion, in second place we came.
In the marina drinking our beer, celebrating the race.
With a wink in his eye the captain said, "You weren't a complete disgrace."

We left the marina as the sun went down, it's reflection on the lake.
We stopped to reflect on our evening at sea and for some pictures to take.

Location:S 1210 E,Sandy,United States