Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Countdown Begins

I have a month left in Paris before I hit the open road. Officially I leave on July 2nd but unofficially my mind is already gone. On July 2nd I will hop on a plane to Barcelona, Spain. From there I will hitchhike over to Pamplona and will hopefully be there before the 5th because that is the day the protest begins.

I will be participating in a protest against the bullfighting as watching animals being tortured to death is not my idea of a good time. The protest is called the Running of the Nudes and I hope it becomes the new yearly tourist attraction of Pamplona so they don't have to rely on the bullrunning for their touristic revenue. The plan is to stay in Pamplona for a few days then head out.

After Pamplona I'm not sure exactly where I'll be going or how I'll get there. I will go wherever the wind blows me and discover my paths along the way. I would love to make it over to the Tibet region of China and perhaps study under some Tibetan monks for awhile. The next time any of you see me I might be in orange robes with a shaved head, but I'm not too sure how that look will go on me.

I am so excited for this venture that I have to change my pants every time I think about it (my laundry basket is rather full right now). I will try to update this blog as often as possible during my journey but I can make no promises. I may not be near a computer for months at a time but please feel free to stop in and check this out. As I prepare for this odyssey I keep my family and friends in my heart and mind. I love you all and will take you with me wherever I go.

Until next time,
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