Friday, January 9, 2009

Head, shoulders, knees and toes, kness and toes

After two weeks of work I had three weeks of winter vacation. The first week I spent lazing around the apartment or taking trips to the library. The second and third weeks I spent back in Colorado Springs with the family. My sister was in town as well as my brother and his girlfriend. Only the second he's brought home to meet the family so I'm sure we scared the hell out of her. The two of them seem very happy together so I'm very happy for them. I went to downtown Colorado Springs with a few of the regular CSers, a couple new ones, and Big Ben who I had not seen in over seven years. It was a good night ending with Denny's at 3:30 in the morning.

I came back to Salt Lake City and went back to school. I would like to say that I really love my job. The teacher I work with is really nice and has things pretty together. The kids are great in that there are no overt troublemakers and they are all pretty fun to play with. The money is pretty sweet too. Its been two and a half years since I've had a job that pays. My first paycheck was more than I had made in those two and a half years combined.

When at the preschool I love getting into what the kids are doing. Yesterday I was finger painting and playing patient to a group of 4 year old doctors. They determined that I was in the hospital because I was having a baby. After giving me a few shots of God knows what and putting me on oxygen I successfully gave birth. One of my "doctors" wrapped up a blanket and handed it to me. "She's a beautiful baby girl" she told me. "Thank you, you were an excellent doctor" I replied.

The day before we were using shaving cream, glue, water colors, and googly eyes to paint faces on paper plates. That was a very messy assignment but probably some of the most fun I've had getting my hands dirty since my last girlfriend. On nice days we take the children outside and with all the snow we've been able to build snowmen and women, make snow angels and throw snowballs at the broad side of a barn (occasionally missing). On inclement weather days or when it is too cold we go to the gym which smells as most gyms do of sweaty socks and urine. I'll run around with the kids and throw them down on the mats until they wear me out.

All in all, it is a pretty good workout between throwing around 50 pound children and performing "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" as fast as possible and going on a "Bear Hunt". I really believe that if I am to have a job this is the best one for me. I am very happy playing the role of a teacher. I hope to do this for quite awhile.

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